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    Located in Sydney Olympic Park, the Sydney Sports Incubator (SSI) is designed to assist both start-ups
    as well as existing companies establish or build-out their commercialisation of their sports
    related products or services.

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Located in Sydney Olympic Park, the Sydney Sports Incubator (SSI) is designed to assist both start-ups as well as existing companies establish or build-out their commercialisation of their sports related products or services.

The SSI supports a range of products including software, sports training, sports services, performance and safety equipment through to equipment, technology and applications designed to increase the health, wellbeing and performance.

The SSI is supported by the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, the NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) and the Australian Sports Innovation Centre. The SSI builds on the unique opportunities available to businesses in Sydney Olympic Park sports precinct and the connection with a wide range of sports organisations, schools, facilities and athletes.

The Sydney Sports Incubator (SSI) brings together a powerful collective of thought leadership around technology innovation and commercialisation. Businesses located at the SSI have the advantage of leveraging and gaining early access to leading business, industry and technology partners including entree to advanced technology.

A business operating from the SSI will gain additional benefit through the SSI network which includes a multitude of universities, research programs and corporate partners across the fields of science, sports, manufacturing and business to name a few.

In addition SSI members are able to work with government entities that are designed to support and leverage the future growth and next generation of sports and businesses in Australia. This can be achieved

through grant applications, varying funding models, trade and industry support.

The NSWIS Applied Research Program will also provide benefits to the companies through its research capability within the Techvoucher Program via the NSW Department of Trade and Investment, and its status as a Research Service Provider by AusIndustry.

The SSI will also use its connections to utilise the known expertise in Government, and of commercial and educational organisations to make this a long-term financially viable program that leads start-up sport technology companies to commercial viability. The SSI will develop sport linked start-up businesses that diversify into commercially stable companies that stay within the Sydney Olympic Park precinct.

Creating jobs of the future through encouraging and facilitating innovation in sport to build the ‘silicon valley of sport’ at Sydney Olympic Park.

Our Objectives:

  • To attract investment and partners for the new sports technology start-ups identified to ensure their domestic and international success.
  • Grow Australian expertise in sport to provide a competitive edge in sports performance and enhance Australia’s reputation in the world of sport.
  • To work with sports sector partners to identify start-ups that will be successful and generate job growth.
  • To build a sports innovation community the ‘silicon valley of sport’ at Sydney Olympic Park that is self sustaining.
  • To increase Australian sports participation and reduce overall childhood obesity rates and improve the general health of Australian’s through the use of new sports innovations.

The SSI reviews the latest in sports themed technology (software, hardware, nutritional plus medical) that has a direct and positive impact on the sports community as a whole. Current starts up themes include high performance sport, health & wellbeing, stadia & fan engagement and sports management & participation.

Below is a summary of those innovations that have aligned themselves to the SSI to participate in our program and work from our shared workspace in Sydney Olympic Park. The SSI promotes and leverages Australian innovation in Australia’s premier sports community, Sydney Olympic Park.

Since opening, the SSI has proven to be a success, attracting 23 new sports technology start up businesses in the first 18 months of operation and, has a pipeline of start ups who have expressed interest in becoming involved. Our list of sports innovators include:

Bioconnected logo


BioConnected manufacture state-of-the-art biometric earphones and develop the unique software to power this technology. Put simply, our earphones provide the most accurate measurements of heart rate and movement, whilst you exercise, of any wearable on the market and with real time audio bio-feedback of all your workout metrics. And you can still listen to your favourite music as well. BioConnected – connects you with your body whilst you exercise.

Sports camps australia logo


One of the SSI’s first start ups. SCA focuses on the promotion of healthy lifestyle for children through the provision and promotion of sports clinics and camps. Their start-up business has been supported by the Sydney Sports Incubator with office accommodation, facilities and connection to the Park’s sports hub of sporting associations. It has positioned itself as Australia’s premier sports camp provider with its national headquarters located in the SSI. Sports Camps Australia have now expanded their operations into Asia with programs in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand.

jaro logo


JARO is a software solution that allows clubs and teams to communicate effectively through online and mobile applications, while also addressing the player welfare and injury prevention, through their data, ensuring the players are training to their optimum level. JARO also provides an eco-system also allowing users to tap into their partners such as VX Sport GPS, VPA Video and player data, all backed by JARO’s centralized admin software.



Gym Sym V1.0 is a device that can be attached to a barbell to measure horizontal level. Gym Sym V2.0 is a wearable technology that tracks and measures the symmetrical movement between two devices in real time. The devices benefit anyone wishing to track and improve their technique, form and balance context.

Skinx logo


High impact athletic performance through training and gameplay, combined with environmental exposure through recovery, impacts upon skin health. Susceptibility to skin issues are heightened for athletes and particularly when in a team environment. SKINX is a skin antibacterial sports gel formulated to support and control skin friction/pressure irritations, heat and sweat irritations, surface abrasions, acne-mechanica, acne and bacne, type flare ups, strapping and taping irritations. SKINX is the ultimate preventative product mitigating poor skin health that contributes to athlete down time.

Human ARVR logo


Immersive Human Augmentation & Virtualisation using mediated reality for performance improvement in sports. Elite athletes can achieve a competitive advantage with performance data if integrated with our 2D/3D musculoskeletal model which produces actual physiological animations from stats and data. Emphasis is on diagnosis and prediction. On what happened, why it happened, or what might happen next, from a physiological perspective rather than a game strategy perspective. We can integrate intensity, timing of muscle engagement, biomechanical patterns and build on individual player patterns identifying risks, managing risk post injury and identify specific strengthening and conditioning exercises with augmented Artificial Intelligence (learn, solve problems and think logically), giving coaches and sports medical teams more meaningful insights that are usable in training, conditioning and injury risk mitigation.

Inspire a Star logo


Inspire a Star is a donation based crowdfunding platform aimed at helping children and young people fund their sporting dreams.

The aim is to help children who are already good at their sport who want to progress to the next level and may need funds for extra coaching or travel to competitions, and children who want to start a new sport and who may need to pay to join some group lessons to get going and get active.

Xcursion logo


Xcursion is an emergency and incident management system that helps coaches and carers plan, prepare and support for medical, dietary and logistical concerns when responsible for athletes. Xcursion has extensive reporting capabilities that are secure, maintains audit trail and provides coaches and carers with guided responsive action plans, including industry leading concussion testing and asthma management.

GEO SnapShot logo


Bringing the Sports and Photography communities together in a simple and effective way. With over 3500 photographers available world wide, photographs are posted online where athletes, family and friends can purchase their best shot. Attractive commercial options are offered to clubs and photographers involved to support their on-going activities.

Briometrix logo


Briometrix has developed eHealth devices and metrics for wheelchair users. The technology tracks the movements of the wheelchair, providing information about fitness, propulsion technique and comparisons to others with similar injuries. The data collected is an invaluable resource for users, healthcare providers, insurers and manufacturers. The user is engaged through setting challenges with friends and personal best, social sharing, and sharing data with OT / healthcare on progress in fitness and skills. It also engages by presenting data that can monitor injury prevention.

FindMyCoach logo


FindMyCoach is a free online community linking sports coaches, educators and trainers with everyone and anyone looking to find a coach or simply work towards a higher level in their sport or wellbeing. It is an open marketplace that allows for the searching and hiring of sports coaches by parents, schools and players. Find My Coach has 250+ sports coaches on it’s database already across 12 sports ranging from basketball, touch football and various athletic disciplines.

sportscard logo


SportsCard is the sports social media platform of the future. The ‘linkedIn’ for sports people. It allows athletes and teams of all sports to build their sporting profile and achievements on line. Post-match results, photos, videos, and comments. Compete or compare against mates and elite stars etc. Coaches, Managers and Sponsors globally can track and assess prospective clients progress and on this unique sporting platform.

Head in the Game logo


Head in the Game delivers scalable psychological performance systems to sporting codes & athletes.

Our proprietary PRIMEDTM Method has been refined over 20 years of successful application with junior amateur athletes through to world champions. We ensure every athlete has access to critical mental skills utilised by elite athletes. We help improve athletes enhance performance via a six step method to track talent and improve, plan, prepare & perform psychologically.

  • For codes we integrate a common performance approach and language into platforms.
  • For teams we increase team cohesiveness, effectiveness and overall performance.
  • For individual athletes we provide insight and enhanced performance.


A consumer focussed swimming training app that allows swimmers of all levels to:
  • find the right session and get guidance
  • track all swims intuitively without expensive wearables
  • analyse and share results instantly
  • work seamlessly together with coaches and swimmers.
In stage 1: provides a solution for squads. We strive to win swim coaches, their athletes and parents with an intuitive planning, tracking and analysing app.

In stage 2: provides content (sessions, tutorials e.g.) and enable the integration of wearables to attract the average swimmers.

Child Safeguard logo


Our Application is both mobile and desktop. It provides key stakeholders in Sport - Club administrators, Coaches, Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs), junior players, and parents, access to the Child Safe policies and procedures of the Club. The App will provide stakeholders with guidelines to understand:
  1. How to recognise child abuse within the sporting context.
  2. How to make a complaint and report an incident of abuse.
  3. Check who is the relevant MPIO/child protection officer for the club.
  4. Check whether a person in the Club has a valid Working with Children Check.

Improve Me logo


ImproveMe is a web based assessment tool designed to help professional athletes identify their key competencies and guide them to a range of personal development and learning opportunities, in preparation for both a fulfilling career path in their life after sport and a measurable improvement in their on-field athletic endeavours. ImproveMe is not only for elite sports people who are already accustomed to striving for personal excellence. Everyday individuals can also achieve great benefit from using the ImproveMe tool, with tailored versions available for senior secondary school students, university students, unemployed youth, return-to-work mothers and the general workforce.

Sportsfocus logo


SportsFocus is a real-time data fusion platform that ingests video, statistics, user tags, and sensor data and simplifies the workflow allowing for instantaneous analysis, video sharing, player education, and live streaming. Whether it is for grassroots development or high performance training and match day solution, SportsFocus is the platform of choice for teams, organisations and peak bodies.

Volunteer Genius Pro logo


For all sports organisations we have a proven solution for accelerating recruitment, on-boarding and training of volunteer officials. Our focus is motivating & enabling volunteers and which requires a broader approach than only training. We are unique because we,
  • empower you to create your perfect volunteer pathway through an interview based enquiry and design session
  • accelerate recruitment through a sales and information oriented entry point
  • encourage uptake by working on smartphones - on the bus, at the stadium, etc
  • maximise engagement through 'how to' style training (not regulations) based courses1
  • enable questions and answers via our 'Ask Sam' community
  • empower the existing support network through integrated reports and notifications.

Left Field Sports solutions logo


Left Field Sports Solutions, is a strategic management organisation drawing from sports industry experience and commercial expertise, to provide a unique combination of strategic thinking and operational insights to transform sporting organisations into a high performing business.Left Field Sports Solutions provides a bespoke service to enhance and review organisational strategy, structure and people to provide hands-on guidance and support. From organisational strategy to change management and recruitment, Left Field Sports Solution works to implement business improvements that empower you team.


DigiStart is an app for mobiles, tablets and computers. It seeks to leverage digital dependency in the interests of behavioural change. The goal is to facilitate exercise sufficiency as a condition of the unfettered use of various digital devices. Users bank ‘exercise credits’ (measured by one of the many wearable devices with heart rate monitoring capability), but if they fall into debit there are consequences: (a) limitations on digital activity through to (b) restrictions on digital activity. DigiStart is therefore a disruptive approach to achieving improved health outcomes. It is underpinned by a psychological concept called persuasive technology. DigiStart is an opt-in application that, in the first instance, is likely to appeal to parents who want to (a) modify excessive screen time while (b) ensuring that their children exercise to the levels required for healthy lifestyles.

Sports Camps Australia (SCA) commenced its operations in Sydney Olympic Park on 1 May 2014. SCA focused on the promotion of healthy lifestyle for children through the provision and promotion of sports clinics and camps. Their start-up business has been supported by the Sydney Sports Incubator and in particular the Sydney Olympic Park Authority with office accommodation, facilities and coaches with SCA now delivering 200 camps in Australia and with offices established in Singapore and India.

The Australian Sports Innovation Centre
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